Some of the services we offer are:

• Modifications and repairs of equipment with ASME U and R Certifications.
• Blasting with metallic particles, including turbines for flat sheets and cabins for large equipment, ensuring uniformity of anchoring profile. Read more…
• Pressurized painting cabin with temperature control to accelerate curing. Read more…
• Localized heat treatment using electric blankets and heat treatment of complete large equipments using a stress relieving oven. Read more…
• New equipment and in manufacturing process inspection, with qualified Inspectors Level II in END, as well as own equipment and facilities:
– Measurement of plate thickness
– Welding Inspection – Visual
– Industrial Radiology
– Magnetic particles
– Dye penetrant testing
– Hydrostatic tests
– Inspection of coatings – thicknesses – adhesion
– Qualification of Welding Procedures (WPS) and Welders (WPQ) based on Section IX of the ASME Code.
– Torque and adjustment of bolts and asparagus with hydraulic equipment.
• Mechanical assembly and field installations.
• Pre-commissioning, commissioning and commissioning of tanks /equipment manufactured and assembled by IAA.
• API Tank Repairs.