Acero de los Andes has executed engineering, procurement and construction projects for different industrial sectors and different applications, such as:

– Evaporators, Crystallizers, Heaters, Calandrias.
– Tanks for different applications.
– Hoppers, Silos, Fireplaces
– Degassers, Dehumidifiers, Moisture Separators, Drying Towers, Autoclaves, Industrial Ovens.
– Bouyancy tanks, Buoys for boat anchors, Piles.
– Containers for Solid Waste Management, Vaccum Tanks, Tankers truck for Asphalt, Tankers Truck for light fuel, Conveyor Belts.
– Miscellaneous equipment for Industry:
Food, Bin, Chemistry, Manufacturing, Automotive, Fishing, Textile, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Floriculture, Sugar, Brewery, Cement, Agroindustrial, Marine Equipment, Transport Equipment