Oil and Gas

Since our beginnings in 1974, we have manufactured several API storage tanks, gas boots, ASME pressure vessels, process equipment, launching and receiving traps, manifolds, etc., for virtually all oil fields that are operating in the East of Ecuador.

We have also participated in projects of great relevance for the development of Ecuador, such as the construction and repowering of the Amazonas Refinery, the 3 expansions of the Esmeraldas Refinery, the upgrading of La Libertad Refinery, construction of the OCP, among others.

Given our experience and quality, we have also participated in projects outside Ecuador, such as the enlargement of the Manaus Refinery in Brazil, the development of the Bulo Bulo Field in Bolivia, the expansion of the Barranca Bermeja Refinery in Colombia, the construction of the KAR Refinery in Iraq, Construction of AMAKPE Refinery in Nigeria, construction of Piranha Field Facilities in Peru, etc.